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The experience, quality, and expertise Fotia Catering services offers, can satisfy the individual needs of our customers event planning. We provide from the desired decor to the desert of their choice.

We meet the requirements for a successful event, by offering unique menus, prepared with the best ingredients to create impeccable dishes, dinnerware for any occasion, decor and room arrangement, highly-trained staff for any occasion, office parties, meetings, conferences, seminars, employee welcome events, and personal employee parties.

Fotia is your ally for an immaculate event!



A Greek inspired Mediterranean restaurant whose warm and cozy ambience is ideal for business gatherings, romantic dinners, friendly get-togethers, weddings or any type of social event.

Our culinary team has edited our menu, and our recently reviewed wine list has already received positive remarks on behalf of food critics and connoisseurs.

The creation of the Lithos brand is an idea that stimulates the senses and pleases the customer’s needs.


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